Personalised Skincare: How to Meet Consumer Demands

In the ever-evolving beauty landscape in Malaysia, one trend has captured the imagination of consumers and industry insiders alike: personalised skincare. Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all approach could satisfy the diverse needs of modern skincare enthusiasts. Today’s consumers demand products that cater to their unique skin types, concerns, and personal preferences, reflecting a […]

What are Specialty Chemicals in Cosmetics

Specialty chemicals play an important role in the cosmetics industry, shaping countless beauty products’ effectiveness, safety, and sensory appeal. From moisturisers and makeup to shampoos and sunscreens, these advanced compounds are behind the performance and allure of daily cosmetic essentials. Let’s delve into the key functions of specialty chemicals and explore how they are driving […]

Beauty Trends You Should Look Out for in 2024

beauty trends

As we embrace 2024, beauty trends are evolving to reshape aesthetic norms and emphasise personalisation, sustainability, and the integration of cutting-edge technology. The modern consumer is gravitating towards brands that reflect their ethics, with a strong preference for eco-conscious packaging, ethically obtained ingredients, and products free from animal testing. Inclusivity is now a priority, with […]

An Informative Guide to Understanding Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin represents a significant concern within the consumer market, transcending mere discomfort to impacting overall well-being. To address this, a deep understanding of sensitive skin attributes and the formulation of appropriate care routines are crucial. Avares is dedicated to equipping businesses with the necessary knowledge and superior ingredients to craft effective solutions for sensitive […]

Natural Formulation: A Collaborative Journey Through The Art of Cosmetics

Natural formulation in the beauty industry has seen a remarkable surge over the past seven years, driven by an increasing demand for natural ingredients. This trend, a part of the global shift towards eco-consciousness, is revolutionising the way cosmetics are produced. Continue reading to explore the intricate art of crafting cosmetics using natural materials and its […]

Skincare Ingredients 101: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to Skincare Ingredients 101, the beginner’s guide to skincare business! Knowing your skincare ingredients is essential for B2B ventures in the competitive beauty industry. Welcome to Skincare Ingredients 101, the beginner’s guide to skincare business! Knowing your skincare ingredients is essential for B2B ventures in the competitive beauty industry. Your brand’s growth is within […]

An Informative Guide to Halal-Certified Cosmetic Ingredients

halal certified cosmetic ingredients

Today, the demand for halal-certified cosmetic ingredients continues to rise, both locally and globally. Recognising the significance of catering to diverse consumer needs, the cosmetics industry strives to offer halal-certified options, particularly for Muslims. This concise guide provides valuable insights into the world of halal-certified cosmetic ingredients. Here, we will delve into the fundamental concepts […]

Cosmetic Product Development: 6 Fundamental Steps to Conduct

Cosmetic Product Development

Cosmetic product development is an intricate, dynamic, and iterative process to create innovative and successful cosmetic products that cater to consumer needs and preferences. Incorporating a multidisciplinary approach, cosmetic product development blends science, creativity, and market insights to bring compelling products to consumers. 6 Essential Steps in Cosmetic Product Development These steps provide a framework […]